Reading Accuracy First, then Everything Else

Annette B. Weinshank, PhDAnnette B. Weinshank, PhDPeople can’t read accurately because they have not been taught to read accurately. They can't succeed in school, hold down a job or get a better one. Annette Weinshank compares not being able to read accurately with having a chronic illness.

The Portable Reading Clinic™ Program, 4th Grade through Adult, has one goal: to teach elementary, secondary, college students and adults to read with near-perfect accuracy so they can achieve reading health.

Documented results for over 1,000 students show dramatically improved reading performance in a matter of months. It is never "too late" to become an accurate reader and join all those who read for enjoyment, study, work, and advancement.

The Portable Reading Clinic™ Program is a no-frills, no-tech program. It

  • Moves quickly but is easily adjusted to match a student’s pace 
  • Features original systems for learning how to accurately and rapidly move across  never-before-seen words of any length
  • Uses books available in schools, libraries, bookstores, and the internet
  • Does away with endless repetition, memorization, and needless rules
  • Provides crystal-clear teacher instructions
  • Includes typical student errors and teacher responses
  • Establishes the foundation for competent spelling 
  • Is exceptionally cost-effective 

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