Why The Portable Reading Clinic™ Program Was Developed

Annette Weinshank taught reading at elementary, secondary, and college levels and conducted research in reading at Michigan State University.

Early in her career, Dr. Weinshank identified an enduring pattern. Schools place a huge emphasis on foundation skills in the early grades, but from around 4th grade on, instruction for students who have fallen behind shifts to a remedial reading model.

These remedial programs regularly fail to close the gap. Without the proper foundation, students continue to fall farther behind until ultimately they are considered to be a lost cause.

Dr.Weinshank rejects this thinking. She founded ® The Reading Clinic, an accredited private reading school in East Lansing, Michigan. Based on educational best-practices developed there, she created the The Portable Reading Clinic™ Program, 4th Grade through Adult to help people become the accurate readers they deserve to be.

Dr. Weinshank designed the program to be fast, highly cost-effective, and free-standing. It is not dependent on, nor attached to, any other programs.