Poor Reading Accuracy Ruins Comprehension

At any age, poor accuracy wrecks comprehension.

The text said: The boy called, “Please stop.”

A younger student read: The boy camed puddly stop.

The text said: When the prisoner was delivered to Mark’s vehicle, the young deputy was struck by his sympathetic appearance.

An older student read: When the primisor was deleared to Mark’s victle, the young duty was struck by his sybollic appirchment.

Until students learn to read accurately, they will never get enough meaning from print to know what is going on. They avoid reading whenever possible. "I use the first few letters of the word and hope for the best. When I have to skip too many words I don't know what's going on."

First accuracy, then comprehension. Words must be read exactly as the author wrote them. The Portable Reading Clinic™ Program, 4th Grade through Adult, gives students this ability.