The Phoniclue™ Sound Cards

Most reading difficulties can be traced back to not having mastered just 31 basic vowel sounds and seven consonant combinations.

To help students master these sounds, The Portable Reading Clinic™Program, 4th Grade through Adult, is powered by a learning aid called Phoniclues. Each phoniclue is an original line drawing connected to a target word that acts as a powerful reminder of the correct vowel sound students must make when they see just the letter(s).
Phoniclue eePhoniclue ee

Students use the Phoniclues as reminders as long as they need to. At some point, they will look at the letter(s) and immediately produce the correct sound without needing to refer to the Phoniclue.

Within a few weeks, students can expect to move through the vowel-sound cards in fewer than 35 seconds. When combined with the VCR™ syllabication steps, they will be able to read virtually all words accurately.