Breaking Words into Syllables with the VCR™ System

The Portable Reading Clinic™Program, 4th Grade through Adult presents an original system for rapidly moving across unfamiliar words of any length.

VCR stands for




It is an original three-step system for

  • breaking unfamiliar words into syllables
  • sounding out each syllable 
  • blending across the syllables to read the word efficiently and accurately.

Many students are taught to “look for the ‘little word’ inside the big one.” This is nonsense. For example, the word feather could never be read correctly by skipping around and grabbing at what seem to be familiar ‘little words,’ like eat, he, her.

Armed with the Phoniclues and the VCR syllabication steps, students using the The Portable Reading Clinic™ Program learn how to read words accurately. They start at the beginning of the word and move straight across to the end. They never waste time with foolish, frustrating games that only lead to reading words incorrectly.